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2013 Coronado Concert in the Park Schedule

Posted by: raindrop 7 years, 2 months ago


The Summer Concert in the Park series is held in Spreckel's Park and is one of Coronado Locals' favorite past times. 

Families get together for picnic style dinners and listen to the bands play while catching up with each other.  Kids get to run around in the playground and dance along side their families in front of the gazebo where the bands play.

The concerts are held every Sunday from 6:00-7:30, with few exceptions, which are noted below. 

Oftentimes, people stay far after the end of the band's set.  Additionally, be sure to get there early if you don't have a regular spot where you sit.  Otherwise you may find yourself scrambling for an area to sit down your picnic items.

The city does allow alcohol consumption in the park during the concerts only but the alcohol cannot be in glass containers.  Additionally, no dogs are permitted in the park and that is strictly enforced.  If you want to bring your dog, be sure to keep them on the sidewalk.

Admission to the concerts are free and the cost for holding the concerts is paid for by sponsors and donations.  For information on how to donate to the concert in the park series, contact Kate Gillingham and she will put you into contact with the concert director.

The Concert Schedule is as follows:

    • May 26 - Coronado Community Concert Band
    • June 2 - Hollywood Stones (Rolliing Stones Tribute)
    • June 9 - Navy Southwest Jazz Band 
    • June 16 - Betamaxx (80s)
    • June 23 - Zoo2 (U2 Tribute)
    • June 30 - The Mighty Untouchables
    • July 4 - Coronado Community Band (4pm Start) 
    • July 7 - High Street
    • July 14 - Iliana Rose Cuban Band
    • July 21 - Desperado (Eagles Tribute) 
    • July 28 - Liquid Blue 
    • Aug 4 - Marine Band
    • Aug 11 - Rockola
    • Aug 18 - Sue Palmer Band & Queen of Boogie Woogie
    • Aug 25 - Navy Southwest Wind Ensemble
    • Sep 1 - Cool Fever (R&B, Motown) (5pm Start)
    • Sep 8 - In Midlife Crisis & Coronado Swing Band (5pm Start)


We hope to see you there!


The schedule above was provided courtesy of the Coronado Promenade Concerts.  



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