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Coronado: A Pet Friendly Community!

Posted by: raindrop 7 years, 4 months ago


As many of you know, Ben Gillingham is a fixture here at Coronado Island Realty.

He routinely comes into the office in the morning and does his regular routine:  Chew a toy for a bit, distract Jessica with his cute factor, and take a nap under Kate's desk.  It dawned on Jessica and I this morning that it is helpful for people moving to Coronado with pets to hear how pet friendly Coronado is.

If you are new to Coronado (or are a San Diego resident who wants to spend the day here in Coronado) here are some awesome activities that you and Fito can do together:

    • Coronado Dog Beach

      is obviously one of the most popular spots for dogs to hang out at here in Coronado.  Coronado dog beach is located at the North-Western most end of Ocean Blvd (the end closest to North Island Naval Base).  Remember to keep your dog on a leash while walking down the sand corridor to the dog run.  Police officers routinely cite unleashed dogs.  However, once you get to the end of the fence between the Village and North Island, feel free to let your dog run leash-free!  The City provides doggy-bags in case you forgot yours.  Remember to bring water for your pooch because we all know what happens when dogs get thirst and drink the ocean water...Yuck!
    • The Coronado Cays dog park is a wonderful place for your dog to socialize with other puppy friends without the hassle of washing them after the beach.  To get to the park, drive down the Silver Strand to the Coronado Cays exit.  At the guard shack, hang a right.  You will see tennis courts in front of you.  Follow the road past the first stop sign and past the play ground.  If you look carefully, you will see sign post describing the dog park on the right hand side along with doggy bags.  This is the perfect place to park.  You dog is free to roam off of his leash, just be sure he doesn't run into the street, or go chase the soccer players on the soccer field!
    • If you don't want to drive all the way to the cays to go to the park, visit Vetter park, which is located at the intersection of Jacinto, Guadalupe, and Cajon Place near the golf course.
    • There are lots of great restaurants in town that allow dogs to sit on their patios.  Many will even provide water for your dog.  Some of the restaurants that allow dogs, include: Vigilucci's, Island Pasta, Rhinoceros Cafe,  Bistro d'Asia, Village Pizzeria (Only the Orange Avenue Location!), Sapori, Firehouse Grill, Danny's Grill, Burger Lounge, 1134 Cafe - they even have treats out front that ever dog in Coronado knows about!, and Alexanders Pizza.  I have linked each of the restaurants names to their websites so you can get a feel for the different options.
    • After eating, I recommend taking a walk towards the Hotel Del and the Shores.  The boardwalk the runs along the beach is a wonderful walk (particularly at sunset) and your dog will enjoy all the other people out for a walk.
    • If you did go to the beach and you want to wash your dog before heading home, stop by Wag 'n tails at 945 Orange Avenue.  Their $12 fee includes a large tub, shampoo, towels, and a dryer.


I hope this helps!  I tried to think of all of Ben's favorite things to do here in town (OK he doesn't like the bath at Wag 'n tails, but he loves being clean after).  If I think of anything else in the future, I will update the post.  Happy Tails!


Ben after a long day of all of the fun activities:




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