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Coronado Communities

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Coronado, often called Coronado Island, is a city on a peninsula in the San Diego Bay.  The island is made up of six main areas, with many sub-neighborhoods within each.  The 6 main areas include:

  • North Island
  • The “Village”
  • Amphibious Base (aka Amphib Base)
  • Shores
  • Cays
  • Strand

Of the six areas, only three have housing offered to the public, the other three are exclusive neighborhoods for military servicemen and women and their families.

When looking up homes, and easy way to tell which neighborhood the home falls in, is by the street number.  For the most part, street numbers are segregated as follows:

  • Numbers 1-100 are in the Cays
  • Numbers 100-1700 are in the Village
  • Numbers 1700-1900 are in the Shores

The Cays is located approximately 5 miles South of the Village that consists of 10 distinct villages each with their own Home Owners Association.  The community has an onsite guard, pools, tennis courts, a very large park including a popular dog park, and is filled with canals.  Many homes have private docks off their back yard, and others have community docks.  The Cays is popular for boat lovers, and in many cases homes in the Cays are more affordable than the Village.

To see a photo of the different Coronado Cays Villages, click here.

The Village is the central part of the island.  5 out of the 6 schools in the Coronado Unified School District are located in the Village (all except Strand Elementary).  Within the village lie many different sub-divisions, including: the Country Club Area, the “Flats” or Golf Course Area, the heart of the village, the beachside, and the bayside.  The village consists of both single family homes and condominiums.  Condominiums range from small, 2-4 unit complexes, to the Landing and the Point, which are large complexes on the bay.  Homes in Coronado range from original “Palmers” built by the military in the 1920′s to brand new custom homes.  The Coronado City Council and Historic Resource Commission work hard to protect historic homes in Coronado, and current zoning restricts how large homes can be built in different areas.

Click here for a current Coronado Village Zoning Map.

The Shores were built throughout the 1960s and 1970s and consist of 10, 15 story luxury condos ranging from studios to 3 bedrooms.  Some units have been combined, allowing for larger units.  The condos have breathtaking views of either the Pacific Ocean, The Hotel Del, the Coronado Bay Bridge, and/and the San Diego Bay.  Each building is slightly different, and each has their own Home Owners Association.

Click here for a map of the Coronado Shores.



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