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What are Cloud Condos?

Posted by: raindrop 8 years, 1 month ago


In your Coronado home search, you may come across the term "Cloud Condo".

Cloud Condos are a relatively new concept that many Buyers are not familiar with. Cloud Condos, either attached or detached, have no common area, and therefore there is no home owners association (HOA) or HOA fees/dues. The individual units are either on their own parcels or have “exclusive use” areas, which are determined by a “point in the clouds,” approximately 50 feet above the property.

Since cloud condos are legally classified as condominiums, the deeds include a set of covenants, conditions and restrictions (commonly known as CC&Rs), to regulate the design, maintenance, and other factors, which owners are obliged to abide. Note that since there is no HOA, any dispute or enforcement is handled through the courts.

Interestingly, many areas are governed by CC&Rs – such as the Country Club Area of Coronado. Some CC&Rs (such as the Country Club’s) have restrictions which have been superseded by local zoning ordnances or federal law.



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