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FAQ: What are some fees a Seller should expect to pay at close of escrow?

Posted by: raindrop 7 years, 8 months ago


Many Sellers are curious about what fees will be deducted from the sales price through escrow.  Some of the fees include:

    1. Any Closing Cost Credit made to the Buyer
    2. 1/2 of the escrow fee
    3. Home Warranty Program
    4. Pest Inspection and Repair
    5. Title Insurance Policy
    6. Tax Service
    7. Real Estate Commission
Many of the fees can be negotiated and a Seller is not required to pay all of the aforementioned fees.  However, the list is a reasonable expectation of what the Seller could expect to pay.
Remember that Real Estate Commissions are not set by law and can always be negotiated before signing your listing agreement.  Be sure to find out exactly what your Realtor is going to do for you, and remember to price your home correctly at the beginning for a quick sale!  In addition to pricing your home well, remember to properly get your home ready to sell, by following our 10 steps!



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