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What does LEED certification mean to you?

Posted by: raindrop 7 years, 8 months ago


There are many perks to living in a LEED certified home. Not only are you living and providing a healthy environment for you and your family, but having a LEED certified home will save you energy, water, and therefore, money.

Another plus to having a certified green home, is that LEED homes have higher resale values. Data has shown that LEED buildings often sell for more, and in less time, than non-green buildings.

Chances are you have been in a number of LEED certified buildings already!

  • A few famous LEED buildings (certified or in process):
  • Empire State Building (NYC)
  • Sears Tower Building (Chicago)
  • The Pentagon (Washington, DC)
  • Children’s Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • California Academy of Science (San Francisco CA)
  • Boston Logan Airport (Boston MA)
  • Olympic Villages: Beijing, Vancouver
  • Starbucks: committed to LEED for all new stores.
  • Other businesses committing to LEED: Bank of America, PNC Bank, Best Buy, Target, Marriott.
  • Over 22,000 homes have been LEED certified, with another 82,000 registered for certification.

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