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Friday Favorites: Laundry Room Must Have Features

Posted by: kateg 3 years, 7 months ago


On this week’s edition of Friday Favorites, Kate’s moving beyond kitchens and focusing on her favorite laundry room features.  Laundry rooms have become really important features for Buyers looking for their forever home.  So here are 4 of Kate’s favorite Laundry Room Features.

Utility Sink:  A utility sink is a must have for any laundry room.  The sink should be a single-basin, deep sink so it can provide multiple functions, whether you’re soaking out a stain or cleaning muddy boots.   

Photo Credit: @brepurposed

Hanging Rod: Whether you need to hang-dry a shirt, or want to immediately hang up your clothes to avoid dreaded wrinkles, an easily accessible drying rod is a must have.


Hard Surface Countertop: Having a hard surface countertop either above adjacent to your washer and dryer is critical for both having folding surface and a place to sit down your

Extra Storage: You can never have enough storage in your house!  Floor to ceiling locker style storage is perfect for storing cleaning supplies, gardening supplies and kids gear.


For more laundry room inspiration, check out our Laundry Room pinterest board!



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