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Imperial Beach’s Navy Expansion Spurs Massive Growth

Posted by: kateg 3 years, 4 months ago


Imperial Beach, California is currently experiencing a boom—much of which is thanks to the military.

This affordable beach town in southern San Diego has long been home to military and civilian families due to its proximity to the ocean, family-friendly amenities and more recently, improved amenities like the Pier South Hotel and new commercial projects. Now, the Navy has broken ground on one its most ambitious real estate ventures yet: a Naval Special Warfare campus along the Silver Strand known as “Naval Base Coronado Coastal Campus”.

Although this project is estimated to take up to ten years to complete, the economic impact on Imperial Beach promises to be huge. According to Dig Imperial Beach, “The Campus is anticipated to have an economic impact of  $1.7 Billion dollars,” which spells big changes for the community and residents. Already residents have seen their home values rise—nearly 12% in the past year alone with continued growth forecasted well into the future.

With this increase in personnel as well as improved resources for military families (fewer training deployments will minimize time away from home, creating happier, more stable families), there’s never been a better time to invest in Imperial Beach real estate.

Existing residents have already expressed positive feelings towards the military’s community-forward approach to addressing potential concerns. By including an environmental study in the plan as well as comments from residents, citizens, and government officials, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly in support. With the Navy’s commitment to maintaining Imperial Beach’s classic Southern California beach town vibe and pledging to develop the 450-acre campus space responsibly—taking into consideration everything from beachfront views to traffic adjustments—current as well as future residents will be able to enjoy all the benefits of development while keeping changes to daily life to a minimum.

This isn’t the first boom Imperial Beach has seen in recent years, although the Coastal Campus promises to be one of the largest economic drivers in I.B.’s history. Since 2013, Imperial Beach has been the focus of multiple commercial and hospitality-focused projects, resulting in tourist dollars, demand for additional hotels and permanent housing, and more shops and restaurants than ever before. By moving some naval facilities from NAB Coronado to I.B., it’s easy to see why Imperial Beach’s home values are on the rise.

Military families that are making the move to Imperial Beach can expect a hearty welcome, thanks to San Diego’s heavy military support and long history of Navy training in the area. Likewise, civilian families eyeing I.B. will also enjoy the benefits of the city’s growth, making it a safe and lucrative investment for anyone looking to invest in a home in San Diego county.

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