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Kate Gillingham Milke Talks Staging Tips that Sell

Posted by: kateg 3 years, 6 months ago


It’s Transformation Tuesday courtesy of Kate’s latest staging transformation!  Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors®, staged homes sell 50-80% faster than and for 7-10% more than their non-staged competition.


For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, Kate talks about staging The Landing #105.

What was your first thought when you toured the property?

The first time I toured The Landing #105, I was mesmerized by the incredible view.  Having recently sold The Point #211, I have been spoiled by incredible views lately!  But the difference with The Landing #105 is that the interior condition didn’t match the incredible view.  I immediately started trying to figure out how best to showcase the view!

What did you want the focal point of the property to be?

Definitely the view!  But also to give people a vision of how they could update the home and really make a showpiece property.  This is the least expensive property currently on the market in The Landing, and the view is one of the best.  So I wanted the focus to be on the opportunity this condo provides.

What challenges did you have in staging the property?

One of the challenges that I faced was the living room floor plan.  What will likely be converted into a great room by a future buyer, living room area is currently separated between a built-in bar, living room, and separate dining room.  If I placed the sofa in front of the built-in bookcase, it made it difficult to envision the potential for a great room.  So instead, I kept the middle of the room open, to help give the feeling of one big room.

What were you most surprised by after staging this property?

I was most surprised by the master bedroom!  When we first toured the property, it had floor to ceiling mirrors (one of which cracked during the move-out) and after it really felt like a master bedroom.  Definitely check out the property photos to see the staged master!

What is one staging tip that you live by?

To remember that you’re not furnishing and fully decorating the property.  The goal is to provide scale, maximize the feel of the property, and help Buyers envision themselves in the home.

Why do you offer staging as a complimentary service to your listing clients?

When I first started selling real estate full time, it was the heart of the recession, and asking Sellers to pay to stage their home by a professional stager simply wasn’t realistic.  So I invested in my clients and accumulated a staging inventory so I could provide staging as a complimentary service to them.  The properties that I stage receive more showings, more offers, and sell faster than properties I don’t stage.  It seems like a no brainer to me!

If you are thinking about selling, contact Kate to learn more about her complimentary staging.  

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