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Maximizing your Home's Storage Space: Under stair storage

Posted by: raindrop 8 years, 1 month ago


In a housing market where many people are buying homes that are "just big enough" we are finding that storage space is at a premium. 

Oftentimes, people in two story homes have closets under their stairs where they can store Christmas boxes or suitcases.  However, while that's a great option for big storage, what about smaller items that need to be stored?

Consider an alternative to the traditional under-stair storage.  Consider adding built in drawers for organization!  If your stairs are in the living room, as is the case in my parents house, this a great place to put old family videos/DVDs, or kids video games.  While it stays out of sight, the woodwork also looks great!

What do you think?!  I know I will be adding this when I move into a larger home! But for now, I will focus on maximizing the storage in my home that is the perfect size for Ben and me!




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