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More Coronado Concerts! Coronado Ferry Landing Concerts Saturday and Sunday

Posted by: raindrop 7 years, 9 months ago


All Coronado Ferry Landing Concerts are from 2:00-5:00 (unless otherwise noted) at the Coronado Ferry Landing. The Concerts are free so bring your food, friends, and a chair or blanket to come sit and enjoy the music and view.

The Coronado Ferry Landing Concert Series Schedule is as follows:

May 2011

05/28/11 Teagan Taylor Trio
05/29/11 Cool Fever 1-4pm
05/30/11 Coronado Big Band 1-3pm

June 2011

06/04/11 Paragons 1-3pm
06/05/11 Stiletto’s
06/11/11 Coronado Big Band 1-3pm
06/12/11 Teagan Taylor Trio
06/18/11 Kyle Van Band
06/19/11 Cool Fever 1-4pm
06/25/11 Blue Frog Band
06/26/11 Peter Hall Solo Acoustic

July 2011

07/02/11 Stiletto’s
07/03/11 Coronado Big Band 1-3pm
07/04/11 Crown Island Jazz Band 1-4pm
07/09/11 Cool Fever 1-4pm
07/10/11 Paragons 1-3pm
07/16/11 Teagan Taylor Trio
07/17/11 Blue Frog Band
07/23/11 Kyle Van Band
07/24/11 Peter Hall Solo Acoustic
07/30/11 Paragons 1-3pm
07/31/11 Crown Island Jazz Band 1-4pm

August 2011

08/06/11 Peter Hall Solo Acoustic
08/07/11 Stiletto’s
08/13/11 Cool Fever 1-4pm
08/14/11 Teagan Taylor Trio
08/20/11 Paragons 1-3pm
08/21/11 Coronado Big Band 1-3pm
08/27/11 Blue Frog Band
08/28/11 Kyle Van Band

September 2011

09/03/11 Teagan Taylor Trio
09/04/11 Stiletto’s
09/05/11 Cool Fever 1-4pm



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