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SPOTTED: New Temporary Bike Corrals Around Town

Posted by: laurenc 7 years, 1 month ago


As many of you have seen around town, the City is currently installing temporary bike corrals. We decided to find out where these corrals are going, and how long they were planning on sticking around.  

Coronado's bike corrals, special parking areas just for bicyclists, will be created from converted vehicle parking spaces on side streets near Orange Avenue. Each corral will have five closed-loop stands that allow up to 10 bicycles to park. White stripes and spring-mounted delineators will mark the corrals as off-limits to vehicles.

"Residents and visitors of Coronado frequently use their bikes to get from the beach to the bay and these new bike corrals are meant to facilitate their usage and movement around the busiest parts of our City," said Mayor Casey Tanaka. "The City Council and I are excited to see more and more people leaving their cars behind and bringing their bikes and their friends to our downtown."

Coronado hopes to promote both bicycle riding and the City's commercial district by placing the bike corrals near Orange Avenue but not on the state roadway, which is managed and maintained by the California Department of Transportation. Two bike corrals will be located on Orange Avenue at First and Second streets, however, that part of Orange Avenue is managed and maintained by the City.

You can find these bike corrals on First and Orange (across the street from Nicky Rotten's), Second and Orange (next to Central Liquor), Eighth and Orange (next to Walgreens), on either side of Tenth and Orange (one next to Clayton's, and one next to Panera), C Avenue and Orange (next to McP's), Loma and Orange (near Chez Loma), and Adella Ln and Orange (by Miguel's). 

The City will monitor the use of the bike corrals and report back to the City Council after the first 30 days, and again in six months.

What do you think about these new corrals? 


For more information, check out the City's website



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