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Spreckles Mansion closes escrow to developers

Posted by: kateg 6 years, 12 months ago


The Spreckles Mansion, made famous by the two deaths in 2011, closed escrow to the development group who rehabbed the property. 

Shortly after the tragic events, rumors swirled that the property had sold, but the deed never transferred until last month, when 1043 Ocean Blvd, LLC closed escrow on the property for $9,000,000 cash. 

After the rumors began that the property had "sold," work began on significantly remodeling the interior of the property.  The developers hoped to remove the iconic roof of the home, but opponents argued to the City Council that doing so violated the Mills Act designation of the property.  Mills Act is a contract between the City and property owner in which property tax reductions are exchanged for the property owners’ agreement to maintain the historic façade of a building.  The Mills Act is named for Coronado’s own Senator Jim Mills who crafted the legislation.

When the developer's attorney presented at City Council supporting the roof removal, Dave Gillingham showed up to oppose it.  Dave, who lived in the guest house of the property while his parents owned it, argued that even though the roof was a modification to the original home, it was done so in the early 1900s and is part of the historic home.  Dave argued that the property owner should have the right to do whatever they wanted with the property, except that when they contracted with the City for Mills Act funding, they agreed to maintain the exterior of the home in condition when it was deemed historic.  Ultimately, the City agreed with Dave and the other opponents, so the developers continued to rehab the property with the roof in tact.

The home has now been substantially rehabbed and is modernized from it's original design.  The concrete walls made the remodel difficult to complete, but the developers did a great job opening up the floor plan.  Since the rehab began, the home has been listed for sale originally at $14,500,000, then was increased to $15,500,000 and is presently for sale at $16,900,000.

Dave is one of 6 kids and the Gillingham family hopes that the eventual Buyers of 1043 Ocean Blvd, use it as a true family home, just as they did.  If you have any additional questions on the property, feel free to contact Dave or Kate at (619) 435-0145.

Old Gillingham family photos at 1043 Ocean:




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