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Step 4: Look at Homes

Posted by: raindrop 8 years, 9 months ago


Housing inventory fluctuates with the market.  During the heart of the recession, there was a huge supply of homes available on the market.  That led buyers to have multiple options when searching for homes. This is also known as a Buyer's market.

Conversely, there are situations where there are very few homes listed on the market.  Multiple Buyers are competing for the same property and there are not very many homes available on the market.

Buyers are looking at a moving target because in any market, homes are coming onto the market, and leaving the market.  Therefore, it's important to know what your needs vs. wants are.

The first time we look at property, we will ask you to "think outloud" when we look at the homes.  We will try to show you a wide range of possibilities, so we can get a feel for what you like and don't like.  We may show you some properties that don't exactly match your needs vs. wants list, so that we can identify exactly what you like and don't like.

Most of the time, Buyer's don't make an offer on the first house they see (although it's been known to happen!).  We will be able to refine the home search after the preliminary home search and hopefully quickly find the perfect home for you!

Once you've identified the home that you want to purchase, you're ready for Step 5: Choose a Home.

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