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Tax Day 2017 Has Arrived!

Posted by: kateg 3 years, 2 months ago


Don't forget to get your taxes filed by today! Curious about the late filing date this year? Check out this article from Time Magazine!



The History Behind the Holiday That's Pushing Tax Day Back to April 18

Maya Rhodan

Apr 10, 2017 

Few things are as certain in this life as the fact that Tax Day will come around year after year — typically, on April 15. Not in 2017. The final deadline for filing 2016 taxes falls on Tuesday, April 18 this year partly because the 15th falls on a Saturday, but also thanks to an annual holiday being observed in Washington, D.C., on the Monday on which the tax deadline would otherwise fall.

Every year, D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day to commemorate President Abraham Lincoln signing a bill ending slavery in the District on April 16, 1862. When the 16th falls on a weekend, as it does this year, the city observes the day on the nearest weekday. And under the tax code, as Money reports, holidays in D.C. impact the deadline to file taxes for all Americans.

So what exactly is this holiday that's given Americans a few extra days to file?




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