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Village Theater!!

Posted by: raindrop 7 years, 5 months ago


I had the pleasure, together with my wife, of attending the Grand Opening of the Village Theater here in Coronado.  It was a great event, and we were pleased to have been invited! 

What a spectacular job has been done to restore this landmark!  Not only is the restoration well done, but the seating is spacious (even for a wide-body like me) and very comfortable.

I was amused by the number of folks in attendance who, like me, had their first date in the Village Theater.  I can recall mine clearly.  My Dad dropped me off in front of the theater, and he even asked if I needed money!  I hadn't realized what a momentous event it was until that moment, because my Dad NEVER offered money!  And, back in those days (about 1966) one had to arrive early to secure a serviceable seat - many were downright dangerous, and the decor wasn't nearly as nice as it is now.  I also remember sneaking in to see "The Blue Max" - a movie about German pilots.  Ursula Andress was in the movie in one scene she appeared with a towel strategically placed across her chest.  Pretty tame by today's standards, but hot stuff in 1966!

Well done to the CDA, the City Council and to the operator!  I look forward to many future visits! -Dave



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