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What is AICUZ and how does it affect Coronado?

Posted by: kateg 6 years, 7 months ago


Have you heard about AICUZ or the Air Installations Compatible Use Zones lately?  Perhaps you've heard the term around town, but didn't know what it is.  Well we're here to help.

The AICUZ or Air Installations Compatible Use Zones, is a study that was conducted on and around multiple Naval Air Stations around the Nation, that determines certain areas as high risk crash zones.  Once the AICUZ is adopted by the Navy, Coronado will have to modify their General Plan to restrict expansion or development of properties listed in the high risk areas.

In Coronado, North Island's main runway approach is over Ocean Blvd, which means there are about 375 homes, 40 multifamily buildings, several businesses and 14 hotels, including the historic Hotel del Coronado, that are included in the high risk areas.

In a recent article on the Union Tribune San Diego website (click here to read the article), Mayor Casey Tanaka explained that for homes listed in the high risk areas, they will be allowed to stay, but future changes to the property may not be allowed.  That includes remodel expansions and redevelopment.  Tanaka went on to say, “A nonconforming use cannot be expanded.  This means new homes could not be built on these 1,000 properties except to replace in-kind current homes.”

The City is doing their best to comply with the Navy's study, but the economic effect it will have on Coronado could be substantial.  For families who own older homes in Coronado, most of the land value is in development potential.  

The Union Tribune San Diego article explains that Coronado, in particular the Mayor and City Council, are working hard to keep an open dialogue with the Navy, as our town and the Navy have had a great relationship over the past century, however Mayor Tanaka expressed his frustrations in the bureaucracy and inability to come together with the Navy to find a mutually acceptable solution.

For more information, you can read a hard copy of the report at the Coronado Public Library.



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