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Which Famous Author Visited 550 A Ave?

Posted by: kateg 2 years, 11 months ago


Did you know that Edgar Rice Burroughs, famous for authoring the Tarzan book series, lived at 550 A Ave while writing multiple books, including: Return of Tarzan, Cave Girl, Mucker, Mad King, Eternal Lover, BT, the Lad and the Lion, Girl from Harris's, Thuvia-Maid of Mars, and Pellucidar? 

The photo from 1913 shows the front of 550 A Ave before the upstairs sleeping porch was enclosed in the 1940s, and incorporated into what are now the master, and large second bedroom of on the front of the home.  

Since the home was originally built, it has been lovingly cared for and with the Mills Act Funding approaching, it is the perfect home for someone looking for historic character with the tax-savings benefits.  Visit for more information or give Kate a call to schedule your private tour: (619) 933-5319.



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