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391 Bay Leaf Drive

SOLD! Represented Buyer: 391 Bay Leaf Dr

Property Information

Property Address 391 Bay Leaf Drive
Terra Nova
Type of property Home
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Square Footage 2362
Price $616,013
Contact Information Kate: 619-933-5319

Kate is excited to announce the sale of 391 Bay Leaf Drive.  Kate represented the buyer of this 4 bedroom, 3 bedroom house with a second story bonus room/granny flat.  Kate's clients, Nick and Vince Anderson are a father-son duo who are looking to moving into this turn key home.  They're excited about the amazing back yard and look forward to installing a pool.

The home included attached solar panels that were contracted with a power purchase agreement.  This added a degree of complication to the purchase because the Buyers were essentially inheriting the Seller's debt of the solar panels, which affected their ability to obtain financing.

Kate was able to negotiate a $15,000 pay down by the Sellers, and the Buyers were able to buyout the Power Purchase Agreement with their savings.  That means for the next 17 years, not only will they not have an SDGE bill, but they could even get a credit for the power that's sold to SDGE!

If you're looking for your first home or your dream home, give Kate a call! (619) 933-5319

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